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The History Of Mr Puffin Man Now Available On CD

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The Light Afternoon is a studio based music duo from Bournemouth Dorset UK, featuring Annette Appleton on Vocals and Steve Newland on Guitars, Keyboards & Production.

Fitting loosely in the 'Progressive Rock' genre, The Light Afternoon's music has also been described as pastoral, symphonic, and the somewhat ambiguous 'Crossover Prog'...

While their music makes unashamed references to 70s Rock/Prog/Folk that they grew up with, The Light Afternoon did not set out to produce music in the style of specific artists, the moody guitar solos, melancholy mellotrons and haunting melodies ultimately create a sound that is their own and reflects the present as much as it does the past.

The Light Afternoon's first album 'My Parallel Life' was released in December 2012, followed by 'Among The Family Tree' in March 2014. Their latest album 'The History Of Mr Puffin Man' was released February 2017.

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